Ace publications

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The services we provide:


  • We use a team of international Journalists, Photographers and Art Directors to make professional classy cultural magazines.


  • Our magazines focus on the culture, travel, music and sports of the nation the magazine mirrors.


  • We create niche magazines such as, British News Magazine for British beverages or products. These are then distributed at the main British Bars. (This is the blue print for all our publications currently in progress.)


  • Our magazines are free for the pubs/bars/restaurants that distribute them and also free to the reader. Limited advertising for the Bars is allowed. The magazines keep guests entertained, and give the premises a more genuine feel.


  • We promote alcohol companies and their products where they reach the target market. We also promote various companies such as travel or culture companies.


  • We advise companies on their websites.


  • Publish interesting press releases and recreate them where necessary.
















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